After a two-months lockdown, the IFSC headquarters in Torino finally reopened on May 18, as the Italian government partially lifted its restrictions and allowed a number of businesses to be operative again.

200519 IFSC Photos IFSC headquarters reopens The IFSC Staff is finally back at the office!
L/R: Francesco Jengo, Erica Ricci, Marco Scolaris and Piero Rebaudengo

To comply with the current requirements in terms of hygiene and social distancing the IFSC prepared a series of guidelines that the IFSC Staff will have to adopt while working at the office: the maximum capacity of each room has been reduced and in order to avoid gatherings, part of the staff will still be working from home in the next few weeks.

The IFSC will keep monitoring the instructions given by Italian authorities, eventually adjusting the safety measures that are implemented at its headquarters.

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