The second IFSC Annual Report has today been published today, April 14, 2020, highlighting the biggest achievements of 2019 for both the IFSC and Sport Climbing as a whole.

As with the 2018 Annual Report, for the purpose of sustainability the report shall exist in digital format only. The report has been distributed via email to stakeholders including IFSC Executive Board members, National Federations, partners and staff. The IFSC Annual Report 2019 is also available to download from the IFSC website.

The IFSC President Marco Scolaris said:

“During this difficult time, we are pleased to share some good news in the form of our 2019 Annual Report. The report features highlights of the last year and inspires us to rise out of these dark times and climb again.”

Read the 2019 IFSC Annual Report here.

2019 IFSC Annual Report

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