The IFSC President Marco Scolaris, along with IFSC General Director Piero Rebaudengo and IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini welcomed a large group of IFSC Officials in a teleconference held on April 3 at 2:00 pm (UTC+1:00).

Despite not being present during the call, IFSC Vice-President Toru Kobinata also delivered a message to all the participants, sending them his regards and wishing everyone well.

It was the third conference call organised by the International Federation of Sport Climbing in the last few days, after the ones that saw the participation of National Federations and Olympic qualified athletes.

The audience was composed by the four IFSC technical delegates – Graeme Alderson, Christophe Billon, Vincent Caussé and Fabrizio Minnino – 12 judges, eight jury presidents, 17 chief routesetters and six junior routesetters.

Mr. Rebaudengo opened the call by praising the large participation of the officials, and by thanking them for their steady support to the IFSC.

IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini laid out the action plan prepared by the IFSC Sport Department for the upcoming months, which will be made public at the beginning of next week.

Mr. Scolaris said:

“We’re going through some tough times, but the setting of new dates of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games finally brought some hope and inspiration for the battle we’re all fighting, which is far from being over yet. The situation is difficult for us, as individuals for our health and safety, and as an organisation for the future of our sport. But we are climbers, and climbers never give up. We will go through these tough times and, as our current motto says, we will climb the world again!”

At the end of his speech the IFSC President invited all the officials in taking part in the initiatives launched by the Federation on its social media platforms, sharing videos and taking challenges on.

The meeting closed on a positive note, as all the participants raised their white cards and took a virtual group photo to support the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

200403 IFSC officials photo for April6IFSC Officials raise their white cards to support the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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