Update on IFSC competitions

News updated on March 27 - The International Federation of Sport Climbing, together with the IFSC Continental Councils and in agreement with the National Federations and the Local Organising Committees of the competitions affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, took some strategic decisions concerning the calendar of the upcoming months.

Specifically, it has been decided to:

March 27 update – Postpone the whole Bouldering season, now including the events scheduled in May and in June: the IFSC World Cup in Munich (GER), the IFSC World Cup in Salt Lake City (USA) and the IFSC World Cup in Innsbruck (AUT).

This decision add up to the ones that were taken in the previous weeks:

  1. To postpone the two IFSC World Cup competitions initially scheduled to take place in Wujiang (CHN) and Chongqing(CHN) in April
  2. To postpone and relocate the IFSC Asian Championships initially scheduled to take place in Chongqing (CHN) from April 25 to May 3
  3. Postpone the IFSC European Championships in Moscow (RUS), initially scheduled to take place from March 20 to 27; the competition is now scheduled from June 15 to 22
  4. Postpone the IFSC World Cup in Meiringen (SUI), initially scheduled to take place from April 3 to 4, and the IFSC World Cup in Seoul (KOR), initially scheduled to take place from May 8 to 10; both competitions will likely be held between September and October
  5. Postpone the circuit of IFSC Europe cups and IFSC Europe youth cups that were scheduled to take place in April and May; the IFSC Europe Sport Department is working closely with each event organiser in order to establish a new calendar for the competitions affected by this issue
  6. March 16 update - Postpone the IFSC African Championships in Cape Town (RSA) and the IFSC Oceania Championships in Sydney (AUS), both expected to take place in March; the new dates of these two competitions have yet to be decided

Any further development will be communicated in due time.

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