French athlete Romain Desgranges, aged 37, has announced his retirement from the international Sport Climbing circuit.

Since 2011 Romain has stood on top of an international podium a total of 18 times, having competed in as many international seasons. He has twice claimed the title of European Champion in Lead - Campitello di Fassa (ITA) in 2017 and Ekaterinburg (RUS) in 2013 - and since the start of his international career, has competed in 130 World Cup events.

IFSC Romain DesgrangesRomain competes at the IFSC World Cup in Wujiang (CHN) 2018
Photo: Eddie Fowke/IFSC

On February 26, 2020, Desgranges declared in a social media post that it is now time to put away his competition shoes.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris said:

“We wish Romain the best of luck following his long and successful career as an international Sport Climbing athlete. For many years he has been able to inspire the crowds and us not only in Chamonix, his hometown,  but all around the globe. Romain: keep climbing!” 

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