IFSC Executive Board Reaches Critical Decisions Concerning Event Postponement and New Organising Teams

Key decisions were made during the IFSC Executive Board’s monthly teleconference yesterday, 11th February 2020, in particular relating to the rescheduling of Sport Climbing events in China due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic. Further points raised concerned ongoing legal issues and preparations for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Sport Climbing World Cup Events in China Rescheduled Following Coronavirus Outbreak

After expert consultation, IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris has confirmed that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, no IFSC events will take place in China in April 2020.

It was decided that in order to safeguard athletes, officials, and spectators alike, the two Sport Climbing world cups planned this April in Chongqing and Wujiang, China, are to be rescheduled.  The IFSC is studying viable solutions (i.e. postponement or rescheduling) for the two events and will release their results in the coming days. The IFSC would like to offer thanks to the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) for their support and hard work in organising these events, our thoughts are with the Chinese community and victims of the Coronavirus.

“Our athletes are at the centre of our sport and so their wellbeing, as well as that of IFSC staff, officials, organisers, press and spectators, must come first. As such, the world cups in April will not take place in China. We’re looking for alternative solutions and will be rescheduling these events,” says IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

IFSC Asian Championships Relocated

Anthony Seah, President of the IFSC Asian Council, confirmed that the forthcoming IFSC Asian Championships – a qualification event for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 which was to be held in Chongqing, China – will be rescheduled. As a result of the Coronavirus, the event is to be relocated within Asia so as to protect participants and limit the spread of the disease. The Asian Council is working closely with the IFSC Sport Department to find alternative organisers for the championships.

Olympic Preparations on Schedule for Sport Climbing

Following a visit last week to the Aomi Urban Sports Park in Tokyo, Japan, where the Tokyo 2020 Sport Climbing venue is currently under construction, President Scolaris, Vice-President Sport/Events Kobinata Toru and Jérôme Meyer, Head of Olympic Coordination, informed the Board of the venue’s progression. It was announced that the panels for the wall have now arrived in Tokyo and as such, installation will begin over the coming days – ahead of the Sport Climbing Test Event which is scheduled for 6-8th March 2020.

“With the Test Event taking place next month, we’re very happy to see that construction of the Tokyo 2020 Sport Climbing venue is on schedule. The frame of the wall is almost complete and panel installation will begin imminently,” says IFSC Head of Olympic Coordination Jérôme Meyer.

President Scolaris Provides Updates Regarding Ongoing Legal Issues

President Scolaris updated the IFSC Executive Board on a series of ongoing legal issues, in particular relating to the Japan Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Association (JMSCA) appeals currently pending at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

A full executive summary of the IFSC Executive Board teleconference on 11th February 2020 can be found here.

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