IFSC Celebrates Six Months Until First Olympic Appearance for Sport Climbing

On 24th January, the sports community worldwide celebrated the six-month countdown until the start of the Olympic Games. Sport Climbing will make its inaugural Olympic appearance at Tokyo 2020 on the 11th day of the Games, just six months from today.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris says: “The IFSC is anticipating many new Sport Climbing fans as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games draws near. Our goals are to raise awareness of Sport Climbing and its primary disciplines and guide the global climbing community and new viewers as they continue to develop a passion and love for the sport. Let’s get the world excited for our Olympic debut!”


To date, 28 athletes have already qualified for Tokyo 2020 at the IFSC Climbing World Championships Hachioji 2019 and the IFSC Combined Qualifier Toulouse 2019. In the coming months, the remaining 12 Olympic Sport Climbing athletes will be decided during the five IFSC Continental Championships and through the tripartite commission invitation places.

Sport Climbing’s first Olympic appearance will feature all three disciplines, Speed, Bouldering and Lead in the Combined format. To introduce this unique format to audiences around the world in advance of the Summer Olympic Games, the IFSC is launching an official video encompassing all the rules and facts necessary to understand the event and enjoy each athlete’s performance to the fullest. 

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