Vertical Life Visits the IFSC Headquarters to Prepare New Results System

On Friday 17th January, Vertical Life Product Manager Ben Lepesant and Software Developers Saulius Astromskis and Emanuela Calabi met with IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini and the IFSC team in Turin, Italy, to present and fully install the new database and results system ahead of the 2020 Sport Climbing season. 

The meeting considered the platform from the perspective of the IFSC’s Member Federations, who will use the system to register athletes for licences and events.

IFSC Vertical Life Results System 2020

“As Sport Climbing continues to grow, the systems behind our events must also evolve. As such, it has been great to work with Vertical Life in building the new IFSC results system together, which is to be first implemented during the 2020 season,”  says IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini. 

“I wish to thank all of the IFSC officials who volunteered in testing and offering feedback throughout the development process of this new system,"  Verdolini adds.

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