Sport Climbing Included in Dakar 2022

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, Sport Climbing was officially approved for the Youth Olympic Games 2022 to be held in Dakar, Senegal by the International Olympic Committee. This time, the event will feature Bouldering and include a total of 24 athletes, 12 per gender.

According to the IOC, all sports were considered with the natural progression of young athlete careers in mind as they dream of the Olympic stage.

Said IFSC President Marco Scolaris, “After several months of consultations, studies, and hopes, it is “Time for Africa” for Sport Climbing! This extension of our Olympic journey to Senegal is something special; both challenging and exciting. It is in line with our plans to develop our sport on this continent. This inclusion will surely inspire us and give additional energy to grow faster. I am also glad to once again share Olympic emotions with our friends in breaking, surfing, and skateboarding. Finally, I want to thank the IOC, Dakar 2022 Organizing Committee and the National Olympic Committee of Senegal for the confidence. We’ll be ready!”

As Sport Climbing was provisionally included in Paris 2024 by the IOC this past June, along with three additional sports, this inclusion in the YOG Dakar 2022 naturally follows the youth-focused approached to the Olympic Games.

More information about the sports and events programme for the Youth Olympic Games Dakar 2022 can be found on

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