IFSC World Cup 2019 Grand Finale to be Broadcast Around the World

The final competition of the IFSC World Cup 2019 series is taking place this weekend in Inzai, Japan from 26 to 27th October. This year’s Lead World Cup champions will be crowned at the conclusion of the event and the momentous occasion is planned to be broadcast both live and delayed-as-live internationally.

 In Europe, viewers will be able to watch the event take place live with coverage by Eurosport Player and in Russia by Channel One Russia. Our audience in South America will have access to the Lead event live through ESPN Latin America, while Vietnamese broadcaster FPT and Korean channel Eclat are also set to broadcast the World Cup live.

 The Olympic Channel will continue to provide international live and on-demand coverage of the IFSC World Cups 2019 for the Lead competition in Inzai.

Delayed coverage of the finals will first be offered by French channel L'Equipe on Sunday 27th starting at 10.00am CET. J Sports will next broadcast the event delayed in Japan at 6.00pm JST, followed by NBC in the USA from 4.00pm to 6.00pm EST. Japanese network SkyA will also host delayed coverage of the event, while  a two-hour highlight program on the IFSC World Cup Inzai 2019 will be broadcast in November on NHK in Japan along with content from the Kranj and Xiamen World Cups. TBS, NHK and all Japanese major TV networks will provide news coverage.

Sport Climbing fans can also find the event on the IFSC YouTube channel where it will be streamed live. Replays and competition highlights will be made available to watch on-demand following the conclusion of the event.

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