IFSC Says Goodbye to Former FIG President

Bruno Grandi, former President of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), former International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member and friend of Sport Climbing, has sadly passed away at the age of 85.

“Since the launch of the Italian Sport Climbing Federation (Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva Italiana - FASI) back in 1987, Bruno Grandi has shown nothing but support for the sport of climbing. Thanks to the encouragement and support of our friend 'Professor' Grandi, Sport Climbing was very quickly recognised by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) in 1988, opening the door to a brilliant future under the five rings. Our climb may not have been so high if it wasn’t for Bruno, he was a true friend to our sport and will be sadly missed," says IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

 IFSC FIG Bruno Grandi

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