Climbing Physios Meet in Japan to Prevent Injuries in Sport Climbing Athletes

Friday 16th August saw the third edition of the International Conservative Climbing Treatment Assembly (ICCTA) take place in Tokyo, Japan. Hosted by members of Climbing Physios at Pump Climber’s Academy, the meeting received 38 attendees from 18 different countries, including 10 Sport Climbing coaches and 28 physiotherapists.

Aiming to better protect Sport Climbing athletes from injury by educating coaches and physiotherapists, the ICCTA covered a number of climbing related medical issues, focusing specifically on conservative treatments.

“As Sport Climbing grows and evolves, it is important that we remain focused on those at the centre of our sport: the athletes. We are pleased to see such spontaneous initiatives and we wish they will be coordinated soon inside our organisation, in the interest of the health of our athletes,”  says IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

IFSC Climbing Physios 2019

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