IFSC Executive Board Teleconference August 2019

As the first medals of the IFSC Climbing World Championships 2019 were presented in Hachioji, Japan, this afternoon (13th August) the IFSC Executive Board came together for their monthly teleconference, discussing developments within the ever-evolving world of Sport Climbing. 

Following the approval of last month’s minutes, the meeting proceeded with a review of the IFSC’s Member Federations, before touching upon the IFSC’s strategic plan ahead of the next workshop, to be held at the upcoming IFSC Youth World Championships in Arco, Italy, later this month. The Board next took a vote to approve the statutes of the IFSC Oceania Sport Climbing Council.

Moving on, the Sport Department gave an overview Sport Climbing’s participation at the ANOC Beach Games, which are set to take place in Qatar in October 2019.

A debrief following last month’s IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships was next given, before the Executive Board were presented with a vote to appoint two (2) coaches and two (2) experts to be part of the new Paraclimbing Committee. The 2019 Plenary Assembly unanimously voted to disband the prior Committee.  Following the election which took place during the Paraclimbing World Championships in Briançon, France, one (1) male and one (1) female athlete representative were also elected to join the Paraclimbing Committee. The Committee will comprise of the following members:

  • Jessica Sporte (USA) [female athlete representative]
  • Naoya Suzuki (JPN) [Coach]
  • Rotem Jacobs (ISR) [Coach]
  • Sebastian Depke (GER) [male athlete representative]
  • Sian Spencer (AUS) [Expert]
  • Wayne Geary (USA) [Expert]

Input was then offered by the IFSC Athletes’ Commission, with an outline of the 2019 Athletes’ Commission elections currently taking place during the World Championships in Hachioji, Japan. An update from the Medical Commission was reported on, including a review of the guidelines for the protection of athlete health and the use of the BMI (Body-Mass Index) screening tool. 

With less than one year remaining until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, IFSC Head of Olympic Coordination Jérôme Meyer informed the Board of preparations for Sport Climbing’s involvement in the Games, before discussing Sport Climbing’s journey to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and beyond. Alongside IFSC Consultants Charlotte Durif (former Sport Climbing athlete) and Hisham Shehabi (N3XT Sports), Mr Meyer then gave a report on the IFSC’s Olympic Engagement Project. 

The Board next reviewed other matters concerning relationships with National Federations, concluding by scheduling the EB calendar for the coming months up until the IFSC Plenary Assembly 2020 in Limassol, Cyprus. 

The next IFSC Executive Board teleconference will take place on September 24th at 14.00 CEST. 

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