Volx Climbing Announced as IFSC Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer

The IFSC is pleased to announce the appointment of Volx Climbing as IFSC Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer, as part of the IFSC Official Sport Equipment Catalogue – Category: Speed Holds.

This appointment aims to ensure the continuity of hold quality and supply for major Sport Climbing events over the coming year, thus also safeguarding the needs of our athletes and Member Federations. As a sub-contractor for Planet Roc*, athletes can expect no difference in the production and quality (shape and texture) of Speed Holds produced by Volx Climbing. Furthermore, any Planet Roc Speed Holds purchased from 2015 onwards will remain valid as IFSC Official Speed Holds.

IFSC Official Speed Holds must be IFSC labelled, with a QR code and internal chip to track the legitimacy of the hold and prevent the use of any non-official Speed Holds at IFSC events. All IFSC Speed events must use IFSC Official Speed Holds manufactured by the IFSC Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer, with these holds also being essential for any Speed World Record attempts.

“As we enter an incredibly exciting time for Sport Climbing, particularly with the proposed separation of Speed Climbing from the Combined event at the Olympic Games Paris 2024, it is vital that we ensure the continued production of high-quality equipment to be used across all IFSC events.” says IFSC Vice President Sport/Events Kobinata Toru.

More information about IFSC Official Sport Equipment and Official Speed Holds can be found here.


*Planet Roc, a previous supplier of IFSC Official Speed Holds, is no longer an existing entity after declaring its bankruptcy in early 2019.

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