IFSC Executive Board Teleconference July 2019

The monthly teleconference of the IFSC Executive Board took place this afternoon, 10th July, allowing Board members to discuss updates and issues relating to both the IFSC and Sport Climbing as a whole.

After approving the minutes of the last EB meeting in June, the Board next discussed updates surrounding the status of several IFSC Member Federations. IFSC Administration Director Francesca Jengo then provided the Board with the latest information regarding preparations for the IFSC Plenary Assembly in 2020, which is set be hosted by the Cyprus Mountaineering and Climbing Federation in Limassol, Cyprus, on 13-14th March.

President Scolaris moved on to discuss the strategic plan of the IFSC, with updates to the IFSC Golden Members programme and the ways in which Continental Councils are set to contribute, before apprising the Board of arrangements for the first IFSC Climbing Summit, which is scheduled for December 2019 in Torino, Italy.

The Board then voted to approve the provisional 2020 and 2021 calendars, the 2020 Pan-American Championships qualification process, and the IFSC Technical Commissions mandate. Rule amendments for next week’s Paraclimbing World Championships in Briançon, France, were next voted upon.

IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini informed the Board of developments around the IFSC Official Sport Equipment, in particular reporting the signing of a contract with Volx Climbing, as the IFSC Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer.

Discussions around athletes’ health and National Federation (NF) involvement were then put forward on behalf of the IFSC Medical Commission, before President of the Athletes’ Commission Sean McColl proposed to consider some issues around the event livestreaming and routesetting.

Moving forward, IFSC Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel gave insight into IFSC Intellectual Property, where in several countries the process is ongoing, also presenting coverage of the recent Olympic Games Paris 2024 announcement at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Lausanne, Switzerland, to the Executive Board. Subsequently, Ms Fuynel outlined preparations for events taking place in 2019, with a special focus on the IFSC World Championships in Hachioji, Japan, this August, and the increasing level of TV interest which is confirmed with five live deliveries on average per event. Plans for 2020 events were also considered as Graphic Charters for the World Cups and Continental Championships are under review.

With just over one year remaining until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and Sport Climbing’s summer Olympic debut, IFSC Head of Olympic Coordination Jérôme Meyer brought the Board up to speed on the latest arrangements for the Games. Updates around the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and the Youth Olympic Games Dakar 2022 were also presented.

President Scolaris and Secretary General Debra Gawrych reported on the successful IOC Session where Sport Climbing, together with three other sports, was provisionally included in the Olympic Games Paris 2024 programme. The consensus around Sport Climbing is undoubtedly growing.

The next teleconference of the IFSC Executive Board will be held on Tuesday 13th August at 14.00 CEST.

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