Representative of the IFSC Sport Department attended the 2023 edition of Halls & Walls, the trade fair for the Climbing industry, took place in Friedrichshafen, Germany on 24 and 25 November.

Sport Operations Manager Alessandro Di Cato, and IFSC Consultant for Official Sport Equipment Jan Zbranek met with a number of brands from different areas of the sport equipment: holds, macros and volumes; auto belays; speed timers; speed holds; and climbing walls.

Furthermore, the IFSC organised a meeting on Thursday, 23 November, that saw the participation of many brands from different areas of the industry. Di Cato and Zbranek presented the most recent developments of the Official Sport Equipment project – launched in 2018, and aimed at improving the quality of all the sport and technical material that is used at IFSC event.

The meeting also served as a great opportunity for the Federation to strengthen its ties with companies and manufacturers that are already part of the Official Sport Equipment, and discuss any potential evolutions or improvements that could have a positive impact on IFSC events at all levels.

For more information about the Official Sport Equipment, please visit the IFSC website.

231127 IFSC News IFSC met with Sport Equipment brands and manufacturers at Halls Walls Representatives of the IFSC met with brands and manufacturers of the Climbing industry at Halls & Walls
Photo: IFSC

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