IFSC welcomes Earth Corporation as main partner

The IFSC has agreed on a two-year agreement with Earth Corporation as IFSC main partner.

Earth Corporation develops, produces “and distributes innovative household, gardening and outdoor care alternatives for environmentally-conscious consumers. Founded in Japan in 1892, the company became an official partner of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2017. As an IFSC main partner, Earth Corporation will be present on IFSC events and platforms throughout the 2019-2020 climbing seasons. The agreement was procured and negotiated by IFSC marketing and media partners Dentsu and Synca.

“We are delighted to see a new non endemic partner supporting our sport, also considering Earth partnership with Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We look forward to the influence our agreement will have on the growth of Sport Climbing worldwide and the climb to Tokyo 2020,” says Marco Scolaris, IFSC President.

“Earth Corporation is our first main partner introduced by Dentsu and Synca. Already, we are celebrating the fruits of this agreement and the positive difference it can have on our unique journey to the top,” says Anne Fuynel, IFSC Marketing and Communications Director.

Going Green

Earth Corporation’s philosophy focuses on acting to live in harmony with the Earth. As the demand for eco-friendly products increases, the company is creating a market with consumers by developing more products with organic and food ingredients. The gardening tool “Yasaosu,” for instance, protects plants and prevents diseases using 100% original vined vinegar, and the “natuvo” fabric care mist contains essential oils extracted from plants.

“Our company has grown by focusing diligently on helping people live healthier, more comfortable lives, and by continually supplying the highest quality products. We are honoured to represent this legacy on IFSC events,” says Katsunori Kawabata, President and Chief Executive Officer of Earth Corporation.

Nurturing Passion

Earth Corporation also implements initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the product life cycle and aims to nurture a passion for sustainability through sport. By partnering with the IFSC, the company hopes to facilitate environmental awareness among active youth, in Japan and overseas.

“Youth are essential to making lasting change in the world. We are proud to align ourselves with dedicated groups that encourage young Sport Climbing athletes and fans to embrace our core values and practice our sport in the most conscientious way,” says Debra Gawrych, IFSC Secretary General.

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