The first day is done in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the Asian qualifier where the men and women Boulder & Lead athletes have been in qualification action. There was a strong showing for Japan with three climbers in both the men’s and women’s top five.

Top five women

1 ITO Futaba (JPN) 172.4pts
2 KUME Nonoha (JPN) 157.5pts
3 NONAKA Miho (JPN) 156.8pts
4 LUO Zhilu (CHN) 152.7pts
5 ZHANG Yuetong (CHN) 152.6pts

Full women’s results here

Top five men

1 ANRAKU Sorato (JPN) 174.8pts
2 LEE Dohyun (KOR) 155.9pts
3 OGATA Yoshiyuki (JPN) 144.7pts
4 PAN Yufei (CHN) 138.7pts
5 NARASAKI Meichi (JPN) 136.4pts

Full men’s results here


Shivani CHARAK (IND) – 18th in women’s Boulder & Lead

“My qualification was ok. I tried to do my best, but I didn’t perform at my best. The Lead route was ok, but I fell quite early. Boulder was just ok for me also, but I have seen here what I need to do to improve, and I will go back to India and train on those things hard now. For this competition, hopefully my qualification was enough to make the semi-finals.”

OGATA Yoshiyuki (JPN) – 3rd in men’s Boulder & Lead

“It wasn’t my best performance I think because I made some little mistakes, but I think I’ve done enough to make the semi-finals tomorrow and I can try my best and do my best climbing.

“I need to recover for tomorrow as it’s really hot here and I got tired from today’s round. So I will shower, have dinner with my friends, relax and try to refocus my mind for tomorrow.”

231109 IFSC Media Asian qualifier boulder and lead qualificationOGATA Yoshiyuki (JPN) in Lead action
Photo: Lena drapella/IFSC

IFSC Continental Qualifiers 2023

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