The final day of the 2023 IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships in Seoul, South Korea, features the men’s and women’s Under 16’s in semi-final action ahead of the final later in the evening at the Seoul Mountain Climbing & Culture Center.

Boulder finalists

Men’s Under 16:
Hamada Ryusei (JPN)
Noh Hyunseung (KOR)
Sasahara Yosui (JPN)
Nagamori Hareru (JPN)
Lilian Bonniot (FRA)
Timo Ossig (GER) 

Women’s Under 16:
Jojo Chi (USA)
Julia Benach Zubero (ESP)
Geila Macia Martin (ESP)
Analise Van Hoang (USA)
Oda Natsumi (JPN)
Flora Oblasser (AUT)


Men’s Under 16 – click here
Women’s Under 16 – click here


Timo Ossig (GER) – men’s Under 16

The semi-finals went pretty well. I was a bit sad I didn’t top the second or third boulder but overall it was pretty good I think. I could hear my team screaming from the crowd and that gave me a little more motivation to top the final boulder. I am going for a place on the podium now, but I have to get a little bit better as I need to be top three, but in this round I am not top three, so I have to get better.”

Analise Van Hoang (USA) – women’s Under 16

Overall my performance was pretty good. I think I made some mistakes and could have done a few of the climbs in less attempts, but other than that, I think it went well. I’m just going to enjoy the final round now and see how it goes.”  


Sunday 27 August

18:00 – Men’s and women’s Under 16 Boulder finals

230827 IFSC Media youth worlds day 10Analise Van Hoang (USA) competes at the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships in Seoul, South Korea
Photo: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

IFSC Youth World Championships

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