Day 9 saw the final Boulder qualification of the 2023 IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships in Seoul, South Korea, with the men’s and women’s Under 16’s in action at the Seoul Mountain Climbing & Culture Center.

Top of qualification

Men’s Under 16:
Geila Macia Martin (ESP) 

Women’s Under 16:
Nagamori Hareru (JPN)


Men’s Under 16 – click here
Women’s Under 16 – click here


Sebastian Braam (CYP) – men’s Under 16

Qualification was a bit rough in the first half, I didn’t feel great and I was a little nervous so I couldn’t perform as I wanted . The second was better and I felt I was able to perform better. I almost topped one of the boulders, so that was super nice.

“It’s my first Worlds. It’s very different to a normal gym atmosphere and it feels more rushed, so you need to be a lot more careful with your time when you are climbing.”  

Natalie Paarova (CZE) – women’s Under 16

It’s my first world championships and for me it was good. The first session was good and I had two tops, and in the second it wasn’t as good and I only had one top. I felt the second session I wasn’t good emotionally, so I didn’t perform as well.”  


Saturday 26 August

18:30 – Men’s and women’s Under 18 Speed finals

Sunday 27 August

09:00 - Men’s and women’s Under 16 Boulder semi-finals
18:00 – Men’s and women’s Under 16 Boulder finals

230826 IFSC Media Youth Worlds day 9Sebastian Braam (CYP) competes at the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships in Seoul, South Korea
Photo: Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

IFSC Youth World Championships

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