The crowds at the PostFinance Arena in Bern, Switzerland, were treated to a feast of Paraclimbing with 17 world titles claimed across the sport classes at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships.

All the finalists once again showcased the very best the sport has to offer to onlookers who fell silent for the visually impaired climbers before rapturous applause for all rung around the indoor arena.

Men’s B1

Japan’s Aita Sho took gold in the men’s B1 reaching hold 42+ compared to silver medallist Francisco Javier Aguilar Amoedo of Spain who reached hold 35. Razvan Nedu of Romania was the third placed climber reaching hold 31+.

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Men’s B2

Japan’s Hamanoue Fumiya finished top of qualification and carried that through to finish top in the men’s B2 final. The Japanese climbers edged out Great Britain’s Richard Slocock by a plus move, 36 to 35+. Spanish climber Guillermo Pelegrín Gómez beat his teammate Raul Simon Franco to the third place position.

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Men’s B3

Romania’s Cosmin Florin Candoi and Japan’s Minowada Kazuhiro bothed topped the final men’s B3 route, with the qualification results the tie-break and handing the Romanian the gold medal and the Japanese climber silver. Great Britain’s Lux Losey Sail joins them on the podium with the bronze medal.

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Women’s B2

In the women’s B2, Abigail Robinson once again topped a World Championships route, however, this time the British climber was the only one to do so, and with it took gold.

Robinson said: “It’s a really cool crowd and it was fun to hype them up and I thrive off that atmosphere. And topping was just the cherry on top. I felt capable of doing it when I came in. The moves looked really cool, it was my style, I like steep climbing, so I knew that would be in my favour.

“I’ve worked really hard on my ‘self-talk’ in isolation and in the lead up to a comp so I had it in my head that I was capable of topping the route. I was at the back of the wall visualising the wall, visualising topping the route, visualising cheering to the crowd, and this built up my belief I could do it, and it panned out exactly how I imagined it in my head, so I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

USA’s Seneida Biendarra took the second spot for the silver medal on hold 29+ with Austria’s Edith Scheineckerin bronze with hold 28.

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Women’s B3

In a Japan vs India final in the women’s B3, it was India who came out on top with Sunita Dhondappanavar securing the gold medal in a close competition. Dhondappanavar was plus move above second placed and silver medallist Maeoka Mika of Japan, who herself was a plus move in front of teammate Ejiri Yumi who took the bronze medal.

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Men’s AL1

It was an Austrian one-two in the men’s AL1 with Angelino Zeller taking gold and Markus Posendorfer taking silver.

Zeller said: “It was a great competition. The final route for me was the best, it was my style to campus, so awesome for me. I’m really happy with my result. It’s my third world championship title and every time it’s special. It’s a nice atmosphere here and every time is different but always really cool.”

Tanner Cislaw of the USA joined the Austrian’s on the podium taking the bronze medal.

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Men’s AL2

France’s Thierry Delarue once again topped a men’s AL2 Bern 2023 route and with it took gold. USA’s Ethan Zilz took silver with hold 51+ just ahead of bronze medallist Albert Guardia Ferrer on hold 51.

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Women’s AL2

Lucie Jarrige of France visits the top step of the women’s AL2 World Championship podium topping the finals route. 

Jarrige said: “I’m exhausted but very happy with this performance. I realised this morning I have been climbing for ten years and this is fifth world champion title, so it’s a bit like a birthday. I couldn’t dream anything else other than a top today, so it is a dream come true.  

“The crowd were amazing, it’s always the same at a World Championships, they just carry you up the wall. I could do this climb tomorrow without them and I would never top. The whole competition is huge, and it’s been amazing.”

The French climber is joined by Trans-Tasman rivals, Australia’s Sarah Larcombe who took silver and New Zealand’s Rachel Maia who took bronze.

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Men’s AU2

Isak Ripman of Norway and Kevin Bartke of Germany were separated by just one hold in the men’s AU2. 

It was the Norwegian climber that took the gold with hold 37+ compared to Bartke’s 36+. 

USA’s Brian Zarzuela completed the podium.

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Women’s AU2

In the women’s AU2 France’s Solenne Piret topped the route to secure the gold medal, but it was the fight behind for silver and bronze that came down to the tightest of margins. Italy’s Lucia Capovilla USA’s Maureen Beck both reached hold 26+, and were level in the tie-break of the qualifications results, so it came down to time. Capovilla took silver by just nine seconds ahead of Beck who had to settle for bronze.

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Men’s RP1

Alois Pottier of France really showed his class in the men’s RP1 reaching hold 50 compared to the next best at 28 to win his gold medal. That next best was USA’s Elliott Nguyen for silver ahead of Japan’s Okada Takuya who moved up from his qualifying position onto the podium to take bronze with hold 23+, just a plus move ahead of fourth placed Sebastian Depke of Germany.

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Men’s RP2

Spain’s Ivan Munoz Escolar continued his great qualification form to take the men’s RP2 title. The Spanish climber reached hold 43, five clear of silver medallist Benjamin Mayforth of the USA. India’s Manikandan Kumar completed the podium in third for the bronze medal.

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Men’s RP3

The top step of the men’s RP3 belongs to Japan’s Takano Tadashi who reached hold 49+ for gold. Jamie Barendrecht of the Netherlands was second for silver on hold 45+ just a plus move ahead of bronze medallist, Slovakia’s Andrej Haršány.

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Women’s RP1 

Pavitra Vandenhoven of Belgium moved up from third in qualification to first in the final of the women’s RP1 to take gold. Her 35+ was enough to take top spot on the podium ahead of silver medallist Melissa Ruiz of the USA who had a score of 28. Marta Peche Salinero of Spain was the bronze medallist on hold 23.

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Women’s RP2

Norway’s Dina Eivik looked on as rival Jasmin Plank of Austria climbed closer to her finishing score of 29+, but it was enough to take gold as Plank fell just short on hold 28+. That score was enough for Plank to take the silver ahead of USA’s Anna Devries.

Eivik said: “I feel amazing. I was so nervous, but when I got on the wall I just into a focus and felt very good. The route was a lot harder than I thought it would be so that was a bit of a surprise, but I feel good.”

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Women’s RP3

The women’s RP3 final could not have been closer. All four climbers reached 42+ so the semi-final qualification performances came into play. Marina Dias of Brazil took gold thanks to her qualification finish of first. Christiane Luttikhuizen of the Netherlands and Martha Evans of Great Britain were matched in qualificiation so the silver and bronze came down to finals climb time which saw Luttikhuizen take silver leaving Evans with bronze. Germany’s Rosalie Schaupert was the unfortunate climber to miss out on the podium in fourth.

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Men’s AU3

Israel’s Mor Michael Sapir took the gold in the men’s AU3 in a close contest with Japan’s Yasuraoka Nobuhiro. Sapir reached hold 43 to Yasuraoka’s 42+ silver medal winning hold. The home crowd had something to cheer as Dominic Geisseler took bronze for Switzerland.

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The IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships in Bern signalled the end of the 2023 Paraclimbing season with three IFSC World Cups culminating in the premier event.    

230810 IFSC Media Paraclimbing World Champions crowned at Bern 2023Angelino Zeller (AUT) competes at the IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships Bern 2023
Photo: Lena Drapella/IFSC

IFSC World Championships Bern 2023

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