Paraclimbing was in focus at Bern 2023 as over 200 climbers took to the wall of the PostFinance Arena to qualify for finals and stay in with a shot at a world title in the 17 sport classes.

Men’s B1

Francisco Javier Aguilar Amoedo of Spain and Japan’s Aita Sho topped a route in the men’s B1, but it was the Spanish climber who secured a better result on the second route to go through in pole position. Aita actually progressed in third spot as although not topping a route, Razvan Nedu of Romania had two high scoring climbs to take second. The fourth and final spot went to Great Britain’s Jesse Dufton.

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Men’s B2

Japan’s Hamanoue Fumiya topped a route and topped the qualification in the men’s B2. Hamanoue will fight it out in the finals with the Spanish pair of Guillermo Pelegrín Gómez who went through in second and Raul Simon Franco in third. Looking to upset both nations is Great Britain’s Richard Slocock who was fourth.

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Men’s B3

Romania’s Cosmin Florin Candoi has been in great form all season, and it continued with two tops putting him through in first from men’s B3 qualification. Candoi is joined in the final by teammate Daniel-Bebe-Vasilica Andrei who finished in joint fourth with Canada’s Chaz Misuraca. 

Japan’s Minowada Kazuhiro is the only other climber to top a route and goes through in second, with Great Britain’s Lux Losey Sail just behind in third.

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Women’s B2

In a competitive round of the women’s B2 in which six climbers topped a route, it was Abigail Robinson of Great Britain who went through in first as the only climber to top the decisive second route. In the final Robinson will be up against the Austrian climbers Linda Le Bon and Edith Scheinecker and USA’s Seneida Biendarra. 

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Women’s B3

It’s Japan vs India for medals in the women’s B3 as three climbers progress to the finals. Japan’s Maeoka Mika goes through in first position and is the only climber to top a route. Teammate Ejiri Yumi is third and the two are split by Sunita Dhondappanavar in second.

Dhondappanavar said: “I liked the routes today. The first route I was a little pumped, but it was really nice. I liked that route. The second was a bit easier. Overall, I’m happy. Training for this event has been wonderful. My goal is a gold, but I don’t know. I think I am comfortable with where I am. I’m satisfied.”

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Men’s AL1

Guaranteeing themselves two medals in the men’s AL1, Austria will have Angelino Zeller, Markus Posendorfer and Daniel Kontsch all in finals action against third placed Tanner Cislaw of the USA.

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Men’s AL2

France’s Thierry Delarue topped a competitive group of six climbers through to the final of the men’s AL2. Two Spanish climbers will join Delarue as Albert Guardia Ferrer in second and Urko Carmona Barandiaran in sixth both progress. Belgium’s Frederik Leys, Japan’s Yuki Shuhei and USA’s Ethan Zilz will also join the final party.

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Women’s AL2

Lucie Jarrige of France progressed in first with the help of a top in the women’s AL2. The only climber to top a route, Jarrige will battle Australia’s Sarah Larcombe, New Zealand’s Rachel Maia and Great Britain’s Joanna Newton in the final.

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Men’s AU2

The top three all topped a route in the men’s AU2. Germany’s Kevin Bartke had the better second route though and progressed in first. Next up was Brain Zarzuela of the USA ahead of Isak Ripman of Norway. Not making a top but still making the final was Great Britain’s Sebastian Musson in fourth.

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Women’s AU2

Leading the way in both routes of the women’s AU2 was France’s Solenne Piret. Italy’s Lucia Capovilla was Piret’s closest competition in second ahead of the two USA climbers Maureen Beck and Eleanor Rubin.

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Men’s RP1

The odds are in the USA’s favour for a medal in the men’s RP1 with three of the six climbers from the nation. It was Alois Pottier of France who topped a route and the qualification though. USA’s Elliott Nguyen was second, Sunny Yang third and Alexander Dornbusch fifth. The other two climbers to make it through were Japan’s Okada Takuya and Germany’s Sebastian Depke.

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Men’s RP2

Spain’s Ivan Munoz Escolar was the only climber to top a route and with it top the men’s RP2 qualification. Germany’s Philipp Hrozek was second ahead of USA’s Benjamin Mayforth in third and India’s Manikandan Kumar in fourth.

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Men’s RP3

Takano Tadashi of Japan was the first climber of four to make it through men’s RP3 qualification. Jamie Barendrecht of the Netherlands was second, Slovakia’s Andrej Haršány was third and Switzerland’s Matthias Bärtschi was fourth.

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Women’s RP1 

Mixed feelings for Melissa Ruiz in the women’s RP1, even though the USA climber was top of the qualification.

Ruiz said: “It was great. A lot better than I thought, but then it wasn’t. What I mean by that is the holds were a lot better than I thought and then at a point they weren’t. I just couldn’t hold them as well and I thought I was going to slip. It was probably a mixture of me and the holds. I tried a move that works only sometimes. I tried to go from one side to another and I don’t have good legs, which doesn’t help. It was just all my arms holding all the weight and the momentum of my body flying to the side that caught me off. Up until that point it was fun, I really enjoyed it.”

Ruiz will take on Eva Mol of the Netherlands who was second, Pavitra Vandenhoven of Belgium who was third and Marta Peche Salinero of Spain who was fourth.

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Women’s RP2

Jasmin Plank of the USA leads the way into the finals of the women’s RP2 ahead of second placed Dina Eivik of Norway, Sarah Longhi of Switzerland in third and Anna Devries of the USA in fourth.

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Women’s RP3

Christiane Luttikhuizen of the Netherlands was the only climber to top a route in the women’s RP3, but it was Marina Dias of Brazil who progressed in first. Luttikhuizen was second behind her Brazilian rival and ahead of Martha Evans of Great Britain in third and Germany’s Rosalie Schaupert in fourth.

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Men’s AU3

There is Swiss interest in the final of the men’s AU3 as Dominic Geisseler is one of the four men who will compete for a medal. 

Progressing in fourth spot, Geisseler said: The route was really nice. Some technical bits that I liked. This championships is great. The wall is great. Everything great. My climbing, well I expected a bit higher, but that’s life. I was bit more nervous than the last two competitions because it is a home crowd, but it also makes it exciting as well.”

Geisseler’s competition in the final will be Japan’s Yasuraoka Nobuhiro who went through in first, Israel’s Mor Michael Sapir in second and Chile’s Ignacio Martinez third.

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Paraclimbing finals is scheduled for 10 August at 13:00 (UTC+2:00) where the world champions will be crowned.

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