There was double golden Indonesian delight in Chamonix as Adi Mulyono Rahmad and Sallsabillah Rajiahboth won their first ever IFSC World Cup gold medals in front of a packed-out crowd.

Adi Mulyono took gold in the men’s Speed competition showing just how strong and how much depth there is in the Indonesian team. The dominance was underlined when Adi Mulyono and teammate Nursamsa Raharjati both clocked sub-5 times in the semi-finals. 4.97 versus 4.98.

The semi-final win put Adi Mulyono up against Kazakhstan’s Rishat Khaibullin who was already guaranteed a personal best and a country best no matter what – which ultimately was silver. The final race was 5.01 to Adi Mulyono and 5.05 to the Kazak climber.

Adi Mulyono said: “I’m very happy and excited because this is my first gold in a World Cup competition. We are all training so hard together as a team, more like a family, and that pushes us on and prepares us for every competition. And now I am looking forward to the World Championships.”

While Nursamsa was unlucky to miss out on a shot for gold even with a sub-5 time, he claimed bronze by the tightest of margins over Japan’s Yasukawa Jun in the small final winning by just 0.001. The fourth-place finish was still a personal best for the Japanese climber.

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For the women, Sallsabillah Rajiah also celebrated a maiden IFSC World Cup gold beating the home favourite Victoire Andrier who was pumping up the crowd all the way to the final.

Sallsabillah said: “It’s my first podium, and my first gold. I’m so happy. I’m so excited. I’m so proud to be here and I’ve got so much support from my whole team. I really hope I can carry on and get a medal at the World Championships. I want to thank my family, my coach, the Indonesian team and all the Indonesian people.”

The French climber fell at the last hurdle as Sallsabillah proved a step too far, despite the push from a very enthusiastic Chamonix crowd. Sallsabillah won the final race 6.97 to Andrier’s 9.59.

Another Indonesian climber to take the podium was Iqamah Nurul who won another tight race, this time with China’s Zhang Shaoqin. Winning the bronze medal race 7.16 to Zhang’s 7.17 secured the podium spot, but also a personal best finish for Iqamah.

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230708 IFSC Media Double Indonesian Speed gold in ChamonixAdi Mulyono and Sallsabillah with their first IFSC World Cup gold medals
Photo: Jan Virt/IFSC

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