IOC announces new Initiative on Gender Equality

On March 16 Thomas Bach announced a “major review project regarding Gender Equality in the Olympic Movement”. The project, a joint endeavour by the IOC’s Women in Sport and Athletes’ Commissions will be conducted by a working group and assess the state of Gender Equality in the Olympic Movement using five themes.

These five themes are: Sport, Portrayal, Funding, Governance and Human Resources.

Marisol Casado, the Working Group Chair for the Project, believes “by having the IOC, the IFs and the NOCs working together on this project, we will share best practices as well as address the obstacles facing gender equality in sport to produce solutions. I am confident our recommendations will make significant advancements”.

The IFSC is a young organisation which is proud of the gender equity displayed both in its events and in the staff and board.  Athlete numbers are approximately even and the IFSC has comparatively high female representation on the Executive Board (20%) when considered along other Olympic Federations.  It also publically demonstrates its commitment to gender equity through its logo, adopted in March 2015, which consciously pairs two colours traditionally associated with the sexes. However, the IFSC Executive Board recognises that there is still a significant journey ahead, especially considering female representation in National Federation decision making bodies, in Coaching and in Route setting. To this end a workshop was held at the IFSC Plenary Assembly in Quebec on March 10th, considering these topics and providing participants with a step-by-step plan to address the issues they identified within their own federations.

The IFSC welcomes the work being done in the IOC, and hopes that this is the beginning of a fruitful exchange of ideas and strategies to strengthen the role of women in sport.


For the full press release regarding the IOC project, please click here.


IFSC Welcomes New Staff

The IFSC is pleased to welcome Alessandro Di Cato, who is joining the Sport Department as Event Officer. He will be reporting to the Sport Director and overseeing the coordination of IFSC Departments and other IFSC internal and external stakeholders in the run up to Events.


Helmut Knabl appointed Honorary Member

At the Plenary Assembly this year, Helmut Knabl resigned from his position as Vice-President of Sports and Events. A dedicated climber and mountain rescue officer, Helmut has been climbing since his early teens. He is a professional teacher at the Sport Climbing school in Imst and has worked closely with his community to promote sustainability and safety in climbing and to host a wide variety of events, including four Youth World Championships (1997,2001, 2006 and 2011). Tirelessly devoted to the sport,  he was thanked by President Marco Scolaris with a plaque of recognition. In addition to this Austria Climbing President Dr. Eugen Burtscher proposed and the Plenary Assembly voted to present him with the title of “Honorary Member” of the IFSC.

Speaking after this honor, it was clear that this is not the end of Helmut’s relationship with climbing. Although he will no longer represent the sport in the same way, he hopes to continue to contribute. "I have given many hours to serving the IFSC and Sport Climbing, but what they have given me is even greater. The relationship has changed, but it is never over."


A Debrief from the President

IFSC President Marco Scolaris shares on the positive ambience, Olympics discussions, Board elections and more of the 2017 IFSC Plenary Assembly.


Quebec Continues the Adventure

Olympic Format discussions, talks about the future of Sport Climbing in Canada, gender equality workshops and more took place this week at the 12th annual IFSC Plenary Assembly in Quebec City.


New Workshops popular in Quebec

The IFSC Executive Board continues its meeting today while Delegates of the National Federations discuss Gender Equity and National Federation’s Olympic futures.

National Federation Workshops continued in the morning with an interactive meeting on Gender Equity in Sport. The workshop was led by Guylaine Demers, PhD, prominent researcher, writer and advisor on issues of women in sport and Maaike Romijn, Board member of the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (NKBV). The speakers focused on identifying problems and developing solutions within different levels of Climbing organisations. Participants left the workshop with the first steps of a personal action plan, and with many new ideas of how organisations can promote or achieve higher female representation in leadership and coaching positions.

Continental Council meetings were followed by a workshop led by Jean-Laurent Bourquin, a Sport Executive with more than 25 years of experience of which 17 years were gained within the IOC. An expert in cross-cultural management at the highest level of Sports Organisations, Mr. Bourquin focused on the opportunities that come with the inclusion of Sport Climbing in the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the support which is available from National Olympic Committees.


Meetings start in Quebec

The IFSC Executive Board convene in Quebec today while 44 National Federations participate in a series of events and workshops. The Annual Plenary Assembly will be held on Saturday. Prior to this Delegates will be able to build meaningful relationships, engage in discussions and learn from presenters through planned workshops.

While the Executive Board meets today, the National Federations take part in two workshops, “Organising an International Event” and a networking event.

Kobinata Toru, Vice President East Asia of the IFSC Asian Council, will lead the first workshop with Kynan Waggoner, Chief Executive Officer at USA Climbing and Vincent Caussé, Director of Competition Department at the FFME. The three experienced individuals introduce three different approaches used in different countries to organise international competitions. Presenter Vincent Caussé says, “With this workshop we are trying to share practical information and our experiences; it is very interesting to see how each country has a different approach to organising events.” Kynan Waggoner adds, “It is an honour to present alongside Kobi and Vincent today”.

At 16.00 Delegates are welcomed to a networking event which allow delegates of National Federations to discuss common issues or concerns, approaches to organising events, etc. This will be run by Fréderic Marois, Sustainable Energy Advisor with the local government in Québec. The IFSC is strongly interested in providing a space for individuals from different organisations across the world to connect and feels that this is a great opportunity for everyone to exchange their ideas and experiences.


CCTV5 to show 2016 Season Highlights

The Chinese broadcaster, CCTV5, will broadcast IFSC 26 minute highlight programs of the 2016 season starting from this week.

These highlights showcase 2016 IFSC competitions with a special focus on the World Championships held in Paris last September and the Youth World Championships held in Guangzhou last November.

Thanks to the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA), this new broadcaster increases the reach of the programs to 131 different countries. 

Highlights programs are each 26 minutes long and are produced monthly between May and December. CCTV5 is the first channel in China to show the highlights, and increases the reach of the programs to 131 different countries. CCTV5 is part of the national broadcasting network and the main sports broadcaster in China. It covers a wide range of sports and competitions around the globe. 

The IFSC is very proud of this development and hopes that this coverage will help attract more people to the sport.


Walter Sieber to Attend Plenary Assembly

Walter Sieber, Board Member of the Canadian Olympic Committee and member of the International Olympic Committee's Program Commission, will be in Quebec City on March 11th to make an address during the IFSC Plenary Assembly and attend the following press conference.

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