BOULDERING: Double Victories for Females

Janja Garnbret, Margo Hayes and Ashima Shiraishi followed up their Lead victories at Guangzhou with Gold in Bouldering!

All Male Boulderers qualified for Semi-Finals after rain forced a cancellation of Qualifications. Still, only the top six athletes in each category advanced to Finals. Nathan Martin of France and Italian Davide Marco Colombo were tied heading into the final problem after the sole Tops of M3, but a flash by Martin gave him the Youth B victory. Katsura Konishi of Japan picked up another medal with the other Top of M4.

2016 IFSC Guangzhou Bouldering Podium Male Youth A

Kai Lightner of the United States came out strong in Youth A by flashing the first Finals problem, but he settled for another Silver when Keita Dohi of Japan completed a crucial Top of M4 before time expired. Dohi’s teammate, Kai Harada, completed two problems for Bronze.

Most Juniors competitors solved the final problem on their first go, but only three athletes recorded additional Tops. Runner-up Baptiste Ometz of Switzerland and William Bosi of Great Britain were strong on M2, but Borna Cujic of Croatia also recorded an incredible flash of M1 for Gold.

2016 IFSC Guangzhou Bouldering Podium Male Juniors

For the Females, Garnbret and Shiraishi continued to amaze in Guangzhou. Shiraishi flashed the first three problems on Sunday to secure the double victory. She has yet to lose at the IFSC World Youth Championships! Her American teammate Brooke Raboutou kept Italian Laura Rogora off the podium and added another medal to her week by finding all bonus holds, and Futaba Ito of Japan placed second with one less attempt on two Tops.

2016 IFSC Guangzhou Bouldering Podium Female Youth B

Garnbret was in a league of her own in Youth A, completing every problem and flashing two. The next closest competitor was Garnbret’s Slovenian teammate Vita Lukan, who finished two problems in three attempts. American Maya Madere placed third.

2016 IFSC Guangzhou Bouldering Podium Female Youth A

Also distinguishing herself in the Finals was Hayes of the United States. No other Juniors finalist completed multiple problems, and this year’s Lead world youth champion sent all four of them. Tara Hayes of Great Britain required the fewest attempts to solve F1, and Austrian Franziska Sterrer won Bronze over IFSC Bouldering World Cup star Miho Nonaka of Japan.

Complete results can be found on the dedicated event page, and pictures, replays and highlights will be made available as soon as possible.

2016 IFSC Guangzhou Bouldering Podium Female Juniors


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