Wolfgang Wabel

Working at the Deutscher Alpenverein

Managing Director of Climbing and Mountain Sports

Continental Councli representative on the IFSC Board, Stratey and Development of IFSC Europe/IFSC

Education: Master in Sport Management, PhD Sport Science

Vice President of Sport


Heiko Wilhelm

Working at Austria Climbing

CEO of the Austrian Climbing Federation

Continental Council Representative to the IFSC Sport Department

Education: Buisness Administration, Buisiness Education (University), Trainer

Secretary General



Maaike Romijn

Former Board member of the NKBV
Scientific Director at Naturalis Biodiversity Centre (Leiden)
Education: MA in History (University of Utrecht)

Board Member



Vincenzo Adinolfi

Board Member of the EFSC, FASI Auditor since 2005
Continental Treasurer
Education: Degree in 'Economic and Social Disciplines'

Board Member



Alain Carrière

Working at the FFME
Continental Council Representative for the Development of National Federations

Board Member



Evgeniy Chernyshev

Working at the Climbing Federation of Russia
Vice-President of the CLimbing Federation of Russia, Event Commission Director
Education: Perm State University, The Academy of Public Administration

Athlete Representative



Charlotte Durif

High Level athlete at the FFME
Education: Engineering Degree, Doctor in Material Science
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