Wednesday, 13 March 2019 15:51

2019 IFSC Plenary Assembly kicks off in Tokyo

Representatives from IFSC Member Federations including Australia (SCA), Germany (DAV), Great Britain (BMC), Nepal (NMA), and host nation Japan (JMSCA) to name a few, as well as IFSC staff and Board members arrived at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo today to kick off the events leading up to the 14th Annual Plenary Assembly this Saturday.

Prior to the PA, attendees will take part in a series of meetings, workshops, dinners and tours in a diverse programme designed to be informative for all members. Proceedings commenced this evening with a welcome cocktail in the hotel’s top-floor bar, where delegates gathered in a relaxed setting to enjoy the twinkling lights of Tokyo and catch up with fellow Federations ahead of the coming days.

During the welcome gathering, IFSC President Scolaris met Yagihara Kuniaki, President of the Japan Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Association (JMSCA), host organiser of this year’s PA, and IFSC Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel welcomed representatives of Dentsu Inc and Synca Creations whom the IFSC is delighted to have just signed a multi-year partnership with.

Formal events begin tomorrow with a meeting of the IFSC Executive Board and two workshops for the National Federations.

 Debbie Zhixin

IFSC Vice-President Communication Li Zhixin and Secretary General Debra Gawrych.

 Anthony PierreHenri

Anthony Seah, IFSC Asian Council President with IFSC Vice-President Treasurer and Finances Pierre-Henri Paillasson.

 Yagihara Wolfgang Romain

JMSCA President Yagihara Kuniaki alongside IFSC Continental Council Presidents Wolfgang Wable (Europe) and Romain Thevenot (Oceania).

 Maria Debbie

Maria Izquierdo, President of the IFSC PanAmerican Council above the Tokyo skyline with Secretary General Debra Gawrych.

 Synca Dentsu

IFSC Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel with representatives of Synca Creations and Dentsu Inc.

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