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IFSC President and Head of Olympic Coordination Travel to Tokyo to Prepare for Tokyo 2020

With only a year to go until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris, Vice-President Sport/Events Kobinata Toru and Head of Olympic Coordination Jérôme Meyer travelled to Tokyo to meet the team behind Tokyo 2020 and the organisers of the first ever Olympic Sport Climbing events.

Meeting with the Tokyo 2020 team, President Scolaris, VP Kobinata Toru and Jérôme Meyer spent 20-27th January 2019 planning for the Sport Climbing Olympic test event, fine-tuning the final venue layout and addressing services such as accommodation, accreditation and tickets.

“As we move full speed towards Tokyo 2020, we’re working closely with the team responsible for the Olympic Sport Climbing events to ensure the smooth-running of the events and guarantee that our sport is presented to the world in its best possible light,” explained Head of Olympic Coordination Jérôme Meyer.

President Scolaris added, “There is a great atmosphere between the IFSC and the Tokyo 2020 team; We’re sharing our knowledge of Sport Climbing and they’re working tirelessly to cater for the needs of our events. Preparations are right on track for the Olympic premiere of our sport.”


President Scolaris, VP Kobinata Toru and Mr Meyer join the Tokyo 2020 team for a meal in Tokyo, accompanied by Benoit Beylier from Entre-Prises.

Whilst in Tokyo, President Scolaris and Mr Meyer also met with Eric Surdej, CEO of Entre-Prises to visit the venue for the 2020 Olympic Sport Climbing events. Entre-Prises designs, manufactures and installs bespoke solutions for the sport of climbing throughout the world and, as the Official Climbing Wall Partner of the IFSC, is set to be the Sole Supplier of the Tokyo 2020 climbing walls.

“Entre-Prises will produce the walls for our Olympic events next year, so it was important for their CEO Eric Surdej to join us in Tokyo to view the venue from the perspective of the climbing wall manufacturer,” stated Jérôme Meyer, IFSC Head of Olympic Coordination.

President Scolaris and Mr Meyer ended their visit to Tokyo by meeting agencies Synca and Dentsu to discuss current developments and share innovative ideas. Methods were put forward to improve the presentation of Sport Climbing moving forward to Tokyo 2020.

Following the meeting, President Scolaris said “As Sport Climbing becomes increasingly prominent in the public eye, we are determined to focus our efforts on improving the spectator experience whether it be on site or on TV.”

T2020 JPN press

President Scolaris and VP Kobinata Toru are interviewed by Japanese media. Photo: Takashi OKUI.

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