Wednesday, 06 February 2019 09:27

IFSC Secretary General and Marketing Director Visit Japan Ahead of Upcoming Season

In order to maximise Sport Climbing exposure and benefit the rapid development of the sport both in Japan and worldwide, IFSC Secretary General Debra Gawrych, Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel and IFSC Consultant Steven Morris (Director Europe of Broadreach Media) spent the last week in Tokyo, Japan.

Meetings were held with various Tokyo-based stakeholders, among which were Synca, a Japanese corporation that has actively contributed to the inclusion of Sport Climbing in Japan’s leading television channels, and Dentsu, the fifth largest communications agency in the world.

“It is an exciting period for Sport Climbing,” stated IFSC Marketing and Communications Director Anne Fuynel. “The sport is receiving increased attention, confirming its attractiveness amongst younger generations and top players in the sporting industry.”

Debra Gawrych, IFSC Secretary General, added, “As Sport Climbing rises in popularity, it is crucial that the IFSC continues to develop innovative and engaging ways to showcase our sport, working closely with key stakeholders along the way to share ideas and perspectives.”

Following the Synca and Dentsu meetings, seniors in the IFSC Marketing & Communications team held a debrief, where all put forward that they were pleased with proceedings and agreed their confidence in announcing good news in the near future, with the outcome of the week having a tremendous impact on IFSC stakeholders.

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