Thursday, 13 December 2018 09:35

IFSC Sport Department Meet with Technical Delegates to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini and Event Officer Alessandro Di Cato met with Technical Delegates (TD’s) Graeme Alderson, Christophe Billon, Vincent Caussé and Fabrizio Minnino at the FFME (La Fédération Française de la Montagne et de L'Escalade) headquarters in Paris on November 26-27th, to analyse the 2018 season and prepare for the coming year.

Technical Delegates deal with all IFSC-related sport and organisational matters during the running of IFSC events, ensuring that all facilities and services provided by the competition organiser adhere to IFSC Regulations. With Sport Climbing gaining more TV coverage as we journey closer to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the demands of IFSC competitions are ever increasing and for this reason, the role of the Technical Delegate is changing. The purpose of this meeting was therefore to discuss exactly how the role will evolve moving into 2019, as well as to discuss how to better clarify and implement the competition rules across the continents in the coming season.

“Technical Delegates are key to the smooth running of all IFSC events,” stated IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini. “As Sport Climbing grows and gains an increasing amount of TV exposure, it is vital that we meet with our TD’s to plan the development of the role to ensure that our competitions run without any glitches.”

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