Wednesday, 14 November 2018 17:12

IFSC Executive Board Teleconference November 2018

The IFSC Executive Board held its monthly teleconference today, 14th November, discussing developments within the IFSC and the journey towards the Olympic Games.

New IFSC member federations were first proposed to the board, before the topic turned to the IFSC Governance Working Group which formed in April this year. Updates from the Marketing & Communications department included the appointment of its latest Communications Assistant, Tamaris Higham, as well as key changes to marketing contracts. The IFSC office put forward a series of steps to be taken in a restructure of the IFSC.

A number of upcoming projects were outlined by the IFSC Sport department, with news from the Events Working Group and discussions around next year’s World Championship and Olympic Qualifying events. Olympic talk continued with Tokyo 2020 updates and a review of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last month.

The Executive Board will meet in Torino, Italy, on December 3rd-4th 2018 for the annual EB meeting.

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