Thursday, 27 September 2018 15:53

Welcome to Our New Staff

The IFSC is pleased to welcome Daniel Torchia, who is joining the team as Paraclimbing Development Officer.

daniel torchia

Daniel will be based at the IFSC Headquarters in Torino. He received his doctorate in Business and Management in January 2017 from the University of Manchester, UK, with a thesis on alternative forms of organizations in football. As part of his fieldwork, he worked for over a year as Community and Development Assistant for FC United of Manchester, a fan-owned football club in Manchester that puts community, inclusion and democracy at the heart of their project. This experience was seminal for Daniel to conceive sport as a social development tool, and this desire translated in the current project at IFSC, contributing to the growth of Paraclimbing at a worldwide level. Daniel has also held research and lecturing post at Staffordshire University, the University of Manchester and at the University of Turin, as well as internship experiences at Alenia Aeronautica and NASA.

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