Sunday, 21 October 2018 19:06

Wujiang Lead Finals Cancelled

Due to severe weather, the Lead finals at IFSC World Cup Wujiang were cancelled today when unexpected heavy rain created an uneven playing field during the round.

The results of the previous round (semi-finals) counted as the ranking of the cancelled round, as per Rule 6.1.2. Janja Garnbret and Jain Kim, tied after semi-finals, were both declared winners and earned 90 points each in the Lead season ranking, as per Rule 6.10.4, and Jessica Pilz placed 3rd. For the men, semi-final leaders Romain Desgranges, Jakob Schubert and Hyunbin Min placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The full results and recap can be found on the Wujiang event page, and the world's best Lead and Speed climbing athletes will be back in action next weekend for the 2018 season finale at IFSC World Cup Xiamen.

2018 IFSC Climbing World Cup Wujiang Lead Garnbret Kim

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