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Innsbruck 2018: Day 3 - Lead Women Final

It's been two years since the last IFSC World Championships Final and it was worth waiting as the best women climbers offered us a breathtaking show tonight in Innsbruck.

It all began with Semi-Finals where 4 athletes reached the Top: Janja Garnbret, Jain Kim, Jessica Pilz and Anak Verhoeven. Young Ashima Shiraishi and Mia Krampl fought there with tremendous energy. Let us note that the latter was winning the Junior Bouldering European Youth Championships only one week ago in Brussels. Behind her, 4 athletes reached the same hold (44+): Mei Kotake, Akiyo Noguchi, Laura Rogora and Hannah Schubert. This led to an unusual situation where 10 athletes were given access to the Lead Final in Olympia World.

The atmosphere herein was incredible as each of those 10 athletes climbed in front of an expert crowd. And it became obviously even more remarkable when the two locals of the event made their attemps. Hannah Schubert ranked 9th, improving her already promising 19th place in Paris 2016. The now silent Olympia World still resounds with the thunderous applause that pushed Jessica Pilz to the top. When she reached it, only one climber was left: Janja Garnbret. The reigning World Champion cruised to the Top and the time was then the only factor deciding who will be the new one. Being the fastest, Jessica Pilz became the new World Champion. As for the third place, Kim Jain took it, 4 years after her Title in Gijon (Spain).

Find all the informations and REPLAY (both YouTube and Olympic Channel) about the current event.

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