Tuesday, 24 July 2018 15:53

Buenos Aires Flame Lights Up the World

Olympic traditions and the energy of youth combined on Tuesday to give birth to the youth Olympic flame for Buenos Aires 2018 in an emotional ceremony at Athens’ historic Panathenaic Stadium. The flame’s journey will last two months and cover 14,000 kilometres. During its tour, it will spread the Olympic values of friendship, respect, and excellence while sending a message about the transformative power of sport to build a better society.

"I assure you that the flame’s glow doesn’t know distances. Its radiance is in the dreams of all athletes who are giving our best day by day to triumph at Buenos Aires 2018. And it’s also the dream of our families, who never stop helping us to be faster, to go further and become stronger," said Valentina Muñoz, one of the South American athletes carrying the flame.

The youth Olympic flame will arrive in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, July 25, and will be welcomed in an official act in the following days at the Youth Olympic Village. Visit the Buenos Aires 2018 website for the full news, and the Lighting Ceremony can be watched below.

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