Friday, 20 July 2018 16:45

1st Inclusive Opening Ceremony in Olympic History

The Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, a celebration of sport, diversity and gender equality, will be the first edition of an Olympic competition with strict gender equality and this spirit will guide the Opening Ceremony and the lighting of the cauldron, which will be lit by both a woman and a man.

The ceremony, that will be held at the iconic Buenos Aires Obelisk on October 6th, will start at 20:00 (local time) and will be completely inclusive and open to all the public. The event will mark the beginning of the biggest multisport and cultural celebration in the world, that will last for 12 days while inspiring a whole generation with the examples of hard work and perseverance set by the 4000 athletes.

The full news and more information on the Opening Ceremony can be found on the Buenos Aires 2018 website.

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