Wednesday, 11 July 2018 14:28

IFSC Meets with KVÖ Prior to World Championships

In continuing preparations for the upcoming IFSC World Championships, IFSC Marketing and Communications Director Anne Fuynel, Administration Director Francesca Jengo, and Event Officer Alessandro Di Cato met Austria Climbing representatives in Innsbruck on June 28th.

Topping the list of meeting subjects was the host broadcast of the event on ORF TV. The IFSC World Championships  were discussed as an opportunity to provide more visibility and understanding to Sport Climbing - a goal which the IFSC and Austria Climbing are working closely to achieve - and different improvements were discussed with the aim of attracting a non-endemic audience. Logistics and general organisation of the event were also topics of the meeting.

“With the IFSC World Championships at our doorstep, we are delighted to see that we are on the right path and we are very confident in having high international exposure for this fantastic event,” said Anne Fuynel.

During the meeting, the IFSC delegation took time to visit KletterZentrum and Olympiaworld Arena, where the climbing will take place in Innsbruck.  Alessandro Di Cato commented on the venue locations:

It’s a pleasure to see the different facilities dedicated to our IFSC World Championships. Thanks to the effort of Austria Climbing, these venues are ideal structures for hosting major international Sport Climbing events.”

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