Thursday, 31 May 2018 14:28

Initial Components of Athlete Charter Released

A Steering Committee of 20 athlete representatives from around the world, assembled by the Athletes’ Commission of the International Olympic Committee, released the initial components of its Athlete Charter.

The Charter is an athlete-driven initiative - developed by athletes, for athletes - which aims to establish basic athlete rights and responsibilities. It was first discussed at the IOC International Athletes’ Forum in November 2017. A subsequent, first-round survey was completed by nearly 200 athlete representatives to establish major ideas to be included in the Charter.

The document is currently organised around five key topics, to address the most relevant issues for athletes: 1) Integrity and Clean Sport, 2) Governance and Communication, 3) Career and Marketing, 4) Safeguarding, 5) Sports Competition. All elite athletes will be invited to take part in a second-phase survey in two weeks, to continue to shape the Charter and share their voice.

Visit Athlete365, the official website of the IOC dedicated to athletes, for the complete news, and more principles of the Athlete Charter and sign-up for athletes to join the conversation can be found here.

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