Thursday, 17 May 2018 15:38

IFSC Attended Climbing Wall Summit

Kobi CWS2

On Wednesday, 16th of May, Vice President Kobinata Toru and Sport Officer Silvia Verdolini attended the Climbing Wall summit (CWS) launching the “IFSC Official Sport Equipment” project in front of a room filled with holds and volumes producers.

In the interest of maintaining fairness in the field of play and of ensuring high standards in international competitions, the IFSC wishes to start a conversation towards the creation of the official sport equipment which will be authorized for use on the field of play during all IFSC events.
Hosted by the Climbing Wall Association in Denver (Colorado), the CWA Summit is one of the main indoor climbing industry's conference and trade show in the USA. More than 20 people representing various brands and producers joined the IFSC presentation and contributed to an open and fruitful discussion. The IFSC wishes to follow up the conversation with the European market and host a similar meeting at the OutDoor fair in Germany (full details here).
The IFSC Sport Department is grateful to the CWA and Bill Zimmerman, USA Climbing and IFSC International Chief Routesetter Chris Danielson for supporting the IFSC in the organisation and coordination of this successful meeting.
This was also the occasion for IFSC Board Member, Maria Izquierda, to meet IFSC partners EntrePrises and PerfectDescent. All IFSC representatives had the opportunity to attend a vast range of workshops and exhibition, and to compare vision and ideas for the future of the Sport Climbing with various stakeholders.Maria izquierda

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