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IFSC Executive Board Teleconference January 2019

Along with IFSC Executive Board and staff members, IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris discussed preparations for the coming year last Friday, 11th January, during the IFSC’s monthly Executive Board teleconference.

With next year seeing the inclusion of the first Sport Climbing events in the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020 was one of the focuses of the meeting. Head of Olympic Coordination Jérôme Meyer disclosed the status of the venue layout, stating that plans for the warm-up area are currently being finalised. Meyer added that an Olympic test event will be held shortly after the World Championships later this year, requiring practical operations to ensure the smooth-running of the upcoming Games.

Plans for the 2020 Youth World Championships and the 2021 World Championships were then brought to the table, with the Sport Department also providing updates to this year’s Calendar, including the 2019 World Championships scheduled to take place in Hachioji, Japan, in August.

Rounding off the Sport Department agenda, IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini reported on the Sport Department Management Committee Meeting, before the Executive Board voted on the Bouldering Urban Format Task Force report, 2019 Officials’ Nominations, the World Games Qualification Process and Selection Criteria for T20 Holds, Macros and Volumes. The latter vote saw the Board review how Holds, Macros and Volumes will be selected for the Olympic Games.

Anne Fuynel, IFSC Marketing & Communications Director, continued by raising a series of changes to the Marketing & Communications team in 2019, beginning with the appointment of a Venue Delegate and a new Event Sponsor and Media Officer, both whom will be based at the IFSC Headquarters in Torino, Italy. Although the Venue Delegate will work within the Marketing & Communications Department, IFSC Sport Director Silvia Verdolini informed the Board that the responsibilities of this role will be shared with the Sport Department. It was also announced that a new Sport Assistant will join the IFSC in early February, ahead of the 2019 competition season.

Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel then offered insight into existing and upcoming Sponsorship Deals, with key contracts set to be signed before the end of the month.

With just two months to go until the IFSC Plenary Assembly in Tokyo (registrations are open until Thursday 31st January), the Administration Department put forward the Provisional Agenda for the Board’s approval. The Plenary Assembly Programme, sent out to IFSC Member Federations in December 2018, can be viewed here.

Further Executive Board discussions surrounded changes to the IFSC Medical Commission, Member Federation updates and a review of IFSC Statutes. It was confirmed that the next Executive Board teleconference will take place on Wednesday 13th February at 12:00pm CET.

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