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Climbing Life Among 750 Events for Peace

For the 5th International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP), the international community, motivated by Peace and Sport, organised more than 750 events registered on Numerous international sports federations, athletes, Champions for Peace, institutions, schools, and associations got into action in the four corners of the world to celebrate this day and convey the message of peace through sport.

Since 2014, the IFSC has worked alongside its Honorary Member Paola Gigliotti to activate the Climbing Life page on Facebook, sharing links between nations and universities around the world emphasising the educational value of sport and the importance of sharing cultural and scientific experiences for peace. On April 6, a conference demonstrating this idea took place this year at the Perugia Medicine and Sport University.

"Four years after the start of Climbing Life, we reached an important goal. Of course we didn’t stop wars or poverty, but we successfully demonstrated that sport and science can speak the same language of peace, all around the globe," says Paola Gigliotti.

2018 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace April 6 Climbing Life Video Play

The 2018 online #WhiteCard campaign reached new heights for April6, with more than 90 million people reached on social media. In March, IFSC President Marco Scolaris, Vice-President Kobinata Toru, officials and staff displayed their white cards at the 2018 IFSC Officials Seminar near IFSC headquarters in Torino.

"Often behind-the-scenes, our officials are critical to every single IFSC event, and they came to the front of the stage to support peace and sport at our annual Seminar," says Kobinata Toru.

2018 IFSC Officials Seminar Torino March White Card

The IFSC also coordinated with the FISE organising team to participate in the White Card campaign at the FISE World Series in Hiroshima. Despite heavy rain during Bouldering qualifications on this day, participation in the IDSDP continued and Peace and Sport Ambassador Charmaine Crooks gave a speech at the event. The IFSC encouraged National Federations, athletes and fans of the Sport Climbing community to get involved as well by organising an April 6 project or raising a #WhiteCard for peace.

“By hosting FISE, an event that attracts worldwide attention mainly among the youth, in our International Peace Culture City, we believe that we can take the opportunity to connect with the youth around the world who will lead the next generation, and deliver the message of the value of peace," reads the FISE press release for April 6.

2018 IDSDP Peace and Sport FISE World Series Hiroshima

On December 6-8, the 10th annual Peace and Sport International Forum took place in Monaco. Since 2009, Honorary Member Paola Gigliotti has attended the forum and actively participated in the workshops, which have united more than 600 major decision-makers from over 110 countries. Last year's edition discussed the latest social innovations that can be combined with sport to tackle today’s most pressing societal problems and the global challenges of the future.

"The IFSC has shown that we can play a big role - through our social and educational programs and by embodying our core values - in promoting peace across the world through Sport Climbing, despite our limited resources. This is hard work that must be done," says IFSC President Marco Scolaris.

For more information on the 2018 IDSDP, please visit the complete news on the Peace and Sport website.

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