Monday, 09 April 2018 17:57

Sport Climbing Enters ISF

In 2019, Sport Climbing will make its debut at the World Schools Championship of the International School Sport Federation (ISF).

IFSC President Marco Scolaris and ISF President Laurent Petrynka met in Lausanne last week to sign the agreement officially recognising Sport Climbing as a sport of the International School Sport Federation.

The ISF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and promotes the values and interests of education through sport. ISF events aim to promote mutual understanding, volunteering empowerment, peace, non-discrimination, healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, and gender equality among young people.

ISF made a presentation at the 2018 IFSC Plenary Assembly in Innsbruck.

12 World Schools Championship events take place every year, with 10,000 participants competing for up to a week. The first World Schools Championship for Sport Climbing will take place in Aubenas, France, on May 18-24, 2019. Athletes will be representing the school at which they are studying and national champions will come together from all around the world for a high-level competition, enriching lifetime experience and multicultural exchange.

“Joining ISF is a natural progression for Sport Climbing, and the 2019 World Schools Championship will be a unique opportunity for talented Sport Climbing athletes to compete, learn and continue to grow into leaders of their communities," says President Scolaris.

2018 ISF IFSC Agreement President Scolaris Petrynka

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