Wednesday, 04 April 2018 17:16

IFSC Vice-President Meets JMSCA in Hachioji

On Tuesday, IFSC Vice-President Sport/Events Kobinata Toru met with delegates of the Japanese Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Association in Hachioji, Japan.

The meeting focused on preparations for the IFSC Climbing & Paraclimbing World Championships in 2019, the signature event of the IFSC calendar. The IFSC Plenary Assembly approved as event host the candidature of Hachioji, the largest city in the Greater Tokyo metropolitan area which hosted its first IFSC World Cup event in 2017.

Takayuki Ishimori, Mayor of Hachioji, attended the meeting and showed great interest in IFSC World Championships Hachioji 2019 and the second edition of IFSC World Cup Hachioji in June 2018.

“After very positive results last year, we are confident in continued success for Sport Climbing in Hachioji thanks to the support of the JMSCA and the City of Hachioji," says Vice-President Toru.

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