Monday, 05 February 2018 12:34

IFSC Flies into Tomorrow with Japan Airlines

The IFSC is pleased to announce that Japan Airlines will support the development of sport climbing in 2018 as an IFSC Main Partner.

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., is the flag carrier airline of Japan and the first Japanese airline to venture overseas. For 65 years Japan Airlines has continued to pursue an incredible determination to support dreams and the people who have them. Starting in 2018, Japan Airlines will join the IFSC in supporting the development of sport climbing, set to feature for the first time at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires this year and at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

“We are thrilled to have such a committed partner sharing the same vision and passion for aiming higher, especially during a period of substantial growth and new opportunities for sport climbing,” says IFSC President Marco Scolaris. “We are looking forward to flying into the challenges of tomorrow with Japan Airlines.”

As an IFSC Main Partner and a partner of the JMSCA, Japan Airlines will be present throughout the 2018 season during IFSC events and activities. Additionally, Japan Airlines will be strongly represented on IFSC social media as it aims to pass on a better society to the next generation through the airline business. The company’s “Fostering the Next Generation” program provides hands-on educational experiences and social welfare to children, and Japan Airlines also supports young athletes by encouraging JAL Mileage Bank members to donate their miles to under-funded sports projects.

Please click here for the full press release.

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