Monday, 18 December 2017 10:16

Sport Department Management Committee Meets

The Sport Department Management Committee came together at the beginning of December to review and provide consultation on the development of the Sport. Participation was high with almost full attendance, and Vice-President for Sport and Events Kobinata Toru, providing rich insight through his role in supporting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, led focused and fruitful discussions.

The annual meeting was held in Turin for the second year in a row and brings together technical experts from all parts of the world,including technical delegates, officials, route setters and representatives of the IFSC continental councils. It is the occasion in which Rule changes for the upcoming year are discussed and the Nominations for the 2018 events are submitted. The collected recommendations on rules and nominations are then passed on to the Executive Board. In addition, other issues addressing the sport and its development are discussed.
This year, discussions surrounded the challenges provided by growing public interest and growing events, and explored various ways to reduce the pressure on Event Organisers. Conversations also included the development of the Bouldering Format, evaluating suggestions brought forward by the Bouldering Format Working Group and further developed by the Athletes Commission. These results will also be put forward to the Board.

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