Tuesday, 21 November 2017 11:38

IFSC Visits Sponsor Headquarters

On the occasion of the first ever China Open on November 17th-19th, IFSC representatives visited the headquarters of Kailas, an IFSC main partner (apparel, ropes and safety gear) and sponsor of the Guangzhou China Open 2017.

IFSC Marketing & Communications Director Anne Fuynel and IFSC Technical Delegate Graeme Alderson visited the headquarters in Guangzhou which hosts around 500 employees across 5 floors. The unique offices also feature a full store for the public and a climbing gym for Kailas employees.

2017 IFSC Guangzhou China Open Kailas Headquarters Climbing Gym
Inside the climbing gym at Kailas headquarters.

The IFSC representatives met with Kailas founder Baggio Zhong and International Sales & Marketing Director Sam Zhong to discuss the current collaboration between the IFSC and Kailas, as well as possibilities for further support and development of the sport climbing community.

Left to right: Anne Fuynel; Sam Zhong; Baggio Zhong, Graeme Alderson.
2017 IFSC Guangzhou China Open Kailas Headquarters Founder

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