Thursday, 31 January 2019 18:02

Unique set of Holds released for the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games 2018

Laurent Laporte, Director of Cheeta Holds, was appointed by the IFSC to produce a never-before-seen set of holds to debut at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

The set of holds, consisting of 125 shapes that prior to the Games had been kept under wraps away from athlete eyes, featured a unique ‘futuristic’ grip, which put the athletes through their paces in a rigorous set of routes and boulder problems.

Working with Laurent Laporte of Cheeta Holds, the IFSC Routesetters used a brand-new set of holds for the Lead and Bouldering competitions to ensure fairness within the field of play.

Named “2018”, the range of holds is now available for sale from Cheeta Holds.

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