Tuesday, 10 October 2017 09:29

Working Groups

Paraclimbing Strategic Plan Working Group

Maaike Romijn (NED) - Chair
Eugen Burtscher (AUT)
Sébastien Gnecchi (FRA)
Craig DeMartino (USA)

Director in charge: Sport Director

IFSC Solidarity Working Group

Anthony Seah (SIN) - Chair
George Stainton (RSA)
Pablo Hilewski (VEN)
Naomi Cleary (AUS)
Normunds Reinbergs (LAT)
Anna Tsyganova (RUS)

Director in charge: Administration Director

Governance Working Group

Leslie Baxter (USA) - Chair
Colin Knowles (GBR)
Pierre You (FRA)
Pete Torcicollo (USA)

IFSC Events Working Group:

Revision of YWCH format, IFSC Competition Structure and Ranking Systems

Wolfgang Wabel (GER) - Chair
Heiko Wilhelm (AUT)
Vincent Caussé (FRA)
Anne-Worley Moelter (USA)
Anthony Seah (SIN)
Charlotte Durif (FRA)

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