IFSC Climbing World Championships - Innsbruck (AUT) 2018

6 - 16 September 2018

Replays & Recaps

USA viewers can watch the replays of #IFSCwch Innsbruck on OlympicChannel.com here and at the links on the right-hand side of this event page. All semi-finals and finals will also be televised on NBC - Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA, several times throughout September, and more information can be found here.

Daily recaps and press release of the event can be read "in the media" section below.

More Results & Medal Table

Complete Combined Results

Combined Final - Men

Combined Final - Women

Combined Qualification - Men

Combined Qualification - Women

Paraclimbing results and dedicated event page for Paraclimbing

Climbing and Paraclimbing Medal Tables

Results from all Climbing and Paraclimbing rounds can also be viewed on your phone by downloading the application "Innsbruck 2018".



Thursday 6th September

11:00-16:00            Lead Women Qualification (LIVE)

Friday 7th September

11:00-17:00            Lead Men Qualification (LIVE)

Saturday 8th September

13:00-16:00            Lead Women Semi-Finals (LIVE)
19:00-20:00            Lead Women Final (LIVE)
21:45                      Medal Ceremony 

Sunday 9th September

13:00-16:00            Lead Men Semi-Final (LIVE)
19:00-20:00            Lead Men Final (LIVE)
21:45                      Medal Ceremony

Tuesday 11th September

10:00-16:00            Boulder Women Qualification (LIVE)
17:00-22:00            Paraclimbing Qualification

Wednesday 12th September

09:00-16:00            Boulder Men Qualification (LIVE) 
18:00-22:00            Paraclimbing Qualification

Thursday 13th September

10:00-12:00            Speed Women Qualification 
13:00-16:00            Speed Men Qualification 
12:30-16:15            Paraclimbing Final (LIVE)
18:00-20:00            Paraclimbing Final (LIVE)
20:00-21:00            Speed Men and Women Final (LIVE)
21:45                      Medal Ceremony   

Friday 14th September

13:00-15:15            Boulder Women Semi-Final (LIVE)
17:45-18:30            Paraclimbing Final (LIVE)
19:00-21:00            Boulder Women Final (LIVE)
21:45                      Medal Ceremony

Saturday 15th September

13:00-15:15            Boulder Men Semi-Final (LIVE)
19:00-21:00            Boulder Men Final (LIVE)
21:45                      Medal Ceremony

Sunday 16th September

11:00-14:00            Combined Women Final (LIVE)
14:30-17:00            Combined Men Final (LIVE)
18:00                      Closing Ceremony



Day 11: Combined Finals

COMBINED Recap: Austria's Schubert, Garnbret Close Innsbruck with 2nd Titles (pdf file)

Day 10: Bouldering Finals

BOULDERING Recap: Garnbret, Harada New Bouldering World Champions (pdf file)

Day 9: Paraclimbing Finals

Speed Recap: Alipourshenazandifar, Rudzinska Race to World Title (pdf file)

Day 8: Speed Finals

Day 7: Bouldering & Paraclimbing Qualification 2

Day 6: Bouldering & Paraclimbing Qualification 1

Lead Recap: Host Austria opens IFSC World Championships with Lead Wins (pdf file)

Day 4: Lead Men Final

Day 3: Lead Women Final

Day 2: Lead Men Qualification

Day 1: Lead Women Qualification

Preview: Climb, Come Together, Celebrate (pdf file)

Schedule and Press Conferences (pdf file)

Longest IFSC World Championships Scheduled (pdf file)

Media Accreditation Now Open for IFSC World Championships (pdf file)

Get Your Tickets for Innsbruck (pdf file)

Lost? How to find us

Kletterzentrum Innsbruck - Matthias-Schmid-Straße 12c 6020 Innsbruck

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