IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships - Innsbruck (AUT) 2018

10 - 16 September 2018

Live Streaming

Tune-in to the IFSC homepage September 7th -16th to watch the IFSC Climbing & Paraclimbing World Championships in Innsbruck, the signature IFSC event of the 2018 season. All Paraclimbing finals will be live streamed, and Paraclimbing qualifications will be covered in the highlight videos.

Chat with us on Twitter during the show at #IFSCwch !

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Results & Medal Table

Climbing results can be found on the dedicated event page for Climbing, and follow Climbing and Paraclimbing results directly from your phone by downloading the application "Innsbruck 2018".

Visit the World Championships web page for the updated medal table in Innsbruck.


Representatives of the media may request accreditation to the IFSC Climbing & Paraclimbing World Championships in Innsbruck by completing the online form here.

Media representatives are also invited to speak with medal winners the day after final rounds at 11:00 GMT+2 (local time) in the Press Centre of Innsbruck Olympiaworld. For the full schedule, please click here.



Tuesday 11th September

17:00-22:00            Paraclimbing Qualification
                                Women RP2, RP3, AL2, AU2; Men RP1, RP2, RP3

Wednesday 12th September

18:00-22:00            Paraclimbing Qualification
                                Women B2; Men AU2, B1, B2, AL2

Thursday 13th September

12:30-16:15            Paraclimbing Final (LIVE)
 12:30-13:00            Women B2
 13:00-13:30            Women AU2
 13:30-14:00            Women RP2
 14:00-14:30            Men RP1
 14:30-15:15            Men RP3
 15:15-16:15            Men RP2

18:00-20:00            Paraclimbing Final (LIVE)
 18:00-18:30            Women RP3
 18:30-19:00            Women AL2
 19:00-19:30            Men B1
 19:30-20:00            Men B2
21:45                      Medal Ceremony   

Friday 14th September

17:45-18:30            Paraclimbing Final (LIVE)
 17:45-18:15            Men AU2
 17:45-18:30            Men AL2
21:45                      Medal Ceremony


PARACLIMBING Recap: France, Great Britain, Japan Top Paraclimbing Medal Table (pdf file)

Day 9: Paraclimbing Finals

Day 8: Speed Finals

Day 7: Bouldering & Paraclimbing Qualification 2

Day 6: Bouldering & Paraclimbing Qualification 1

Climb, Come Together, Celebrate (pdf file)

Longest IFSC World Championships Scheduled (pdf file)

Media Accreditation Now Open for IFSC World Championships (pdf file)

Get Your Tickets for Innsbruck (pdf file)</

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Kletterzentrum Innsbruck - Matthias-Schmid-Straße 12c 6020 Innsbruck

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